Q&A with Taeko Yasutake

Dr. Taeko Yasutake is the president of the UH Alumni Japan Chapter. She graduated from UH in 2012 with a PhD in international management. She is currently an associate professor of economics at Soka University in Tokyo. We asked Taeko a few questions about the Japan Chapter and what she envisions for the future.

As president of the Japan Chapter, what are some things you are most excited about or looking forward to?

I was very happy to see many new faces, including most recent graduates of UH, at our alumni event on February 2023. I hope more alumni will join the Japan chapter and enjoy networking with fellow alumni in Japan.

What are some of your priorities for the next year?

To meet alumni in person! We plan to have events where not only alumni but also their family and friends can participate.

What words of encouragement would you give to a fellow Japan-based UH alum who is looking to be a part of the Japan chapter?

I’ve learned that the Japan chapter is one of the biggest chapter outside the U.S. I believe networking with fellow alumni in Japan would be valuable to all.

Please tell us about your current work. What are you doing now? What do you enjoy the most about it?

I’m an associate professor of Economics at Soka University in Tokyo. We had an online study program with UH Mānoa College of Social Sciences in February 2022, with a theme of “SDGs and Hawaii.” Our students learned a lot about how Hawai‘i is trying to achieve the sustainable development goals. It’s my great joy to work with young people who are our hope for future.

For more information on the Japan chapter, please email [email protected].

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