Q&A with Sai Tummala, M.D.

JABSOM ('20) graduate and orthopedic surgery resident, Sai Tummala, M.D. was drawn to Hawai'i by the authentic community and personalized education. Now he finds fulfillment in serving patients and emphasizes the importance of community and mentorship for incoming UH students.

We asked Sai about his journey to UH, what he valued most about his time at our university, what he does now, and any advice he would offer to incoming UH students.

Why did you choose to attend UH?

Before I visited UH, I had no idea where I wanted to be. Almost immediately during the visit, I fell in love with the students, faculty and staff. I felt like they truly cared about educating and for the right reasons. There is a unique culture and a personal touch at UH that makes it special and I wanted to be a part of it. .

What do you value most about your time at UH?

The things I valued most about my time at UH were the community, the culture, and the sincere investment in my education by the faculty.  I really feel like there is a special community and sense of  commitment by the faculty and students that made my experience special. Whether it was case discussions with faculty or weekend basketball with my classmates, I will always cherish the relationships and memories.

Tell us a little bit about what you’re doing now. What do you enjoy the most about your work?

After graduating from JABSOM, I started an Orthopedic Surgery residency at the Mayo Clinic. I am really enjoying learning and developing my skills as a surgeon and having the opportunity to serve our patients. It is such a privilege to earn their trust and help them through their challenges.

What advice would you give to an incoming UH student?

Get involved and immerse yourself in the community around you. You will find so many people who want to help you achieve your goals and offer guidance through difficult times. It is really what makes UH special and don't forget your place in that community paying it forward as you mentor the next generation.

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