Q&A with Jarenn & Bryson Murakami

Meet Match Made in Mānoa couple Jarenn and Bryson Murakami who met for the first time on the first day of Spring 2013 semester in what used to be Shidler’s business club room. Despite having mutual friends and taking the same Management class, their paths didn’t truly cross until the last semester of their senior year. 

We asked Jarenn and Bryson about their time at UH and what it meant to them. 

Tell us a little about yourselves. Where are you both from and what are you two doing now? 

We are both from Oʻahu (Jarenn from Honolulu and Bryson from Waipahu).  We are both living in Los Angeles, California. I (Jarenn) work for Nordstrom as a Sr Program Manager in HR and Bryson is a Consulting Manager for West Monroe, a Management Consulting firm. 

How did you both first meet at UH Mānoa, and what were your initial impressions of each other? 

We met on the first day of school in the spring 2013 semester in what used to be the business club’s shared club room. We also had a Management class together and mutual friends. We were surprised that we never crossed paths until the last semester of our senior year. We hit it off quickly and moved to Seattle together after graduating to start our careers, and are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary in February 2024. 

Can you share a memorable experience or event from your university days that you both cherish? 

Bryson would sometimes run late to class after buying a Chai Latte for me from the Bean Counter. 

Were there any particular classes or extracurricular activities that brought you together during your time at university? 

We participated in many events together like the Shidler Super Club’s Day in competing business clubs - Bryson held the Treasurer role in SHRM and I (Jarenn) held several Director roles in BEST over the years. 

Are there any spots on campus or in the local community that hold a special significance in your relationship? 

The old club room where we met! 

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