Meet Andrew Tran & Kolby Akamu Moser from UNCUT Hawai’i

Before filmmakers/business owners Andrew Tran (BS ‘15) and Kolby Akamu Moser (BA ‘05) created the podcast known as “UNCUT Hawai’i”, they were both students at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. 

UNCUT Hawai’i is an O’ahu based podcast that features both Tran and Moser as hosts as they sit down and talk to Hawai’i’s top leaders, creators, and change-makers. 

They both come from creative backgrounds that tell stories, Moser being in broadcast media and Tran being in filmmaking, so when the two came together, they felt inspired by each other to create something more.

“We as filmmakers film so many different projects for different clients and it's always hitting a time mark.” Tran says. “We just felt like there were so many great stories that didnʻt fit into that time.” 

The podcasting duo pride themselves not just on telling the stories of the individuals in the local community, but also inspiring those who listen to it. 

“Sometimes we just forget that we're recording, we're so into the conversation.” Moser says. “We get to elevate their stories and hopefully touch others.” 

Both Tran and Moser offered words of advice to current students at our university.

“Forever be curious, never stop learning.” Tran says when asked about the advice he would give to current students

“UH has so many resources and so many people to be connected to.” Moser says, “Now is the time where you can try all kinds of things and meet all kinds of people.” 

University of Hawai‘i Alumni