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Join us on UH Connect!

The University of Hawai‘i Office of Alumni Relations is excited to launch UH Connect, a new networking and mentorship platform for University of Hawai‘i alumni. Share your experiences with fellow alumni, join groups and build your professional network!
Are you new to your career? Request a mentor. Are you an industry professional? Offer to mentor fellow alumni.

After signing up, you can:

  • Become a mentor and offer career advice
  • Become a mentee and seek career advice
  • Post job opportunities, join discussions, connect with alums in your region, and find a group based on your interests

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Helpful resources

Learn how to:

Invite other alumni to join UH Connect

To build your network you can invite other UH alumni to sign up for UH Connect via email referral.

  1. Click the SHARE tab
  2. Fill out the two fields below SEND REFERRAL LINK BY EMAIL
  3. Click Send

Ask a question/post a response

Have a question for fellow UH alumni? Looking for advice? Want to offer your expertise to others? Ask a question or post a response to an existing question.

To ask a question:

  1. Click the DISCUSSION tab
  2. Fill out the blank field where it says “Post or ask a question…”
  3. Click POST

*TIP: To post a question annonymously, select “Post anonymously?” before clicking Post

To post a response:

  1. Click the DISCUSSION tab
  2. Browse existing posts
  3. To add a response, fill out the blank field below the question where it says “Add a response”
  4. Click ANSWER

Find UH alumni near you

Want to connect with UH alumni in your area? Use the MAP VIEW feature to search for fellow alumni near you.

  1. Click the EXPLORE THE COMMUNITY tab
  2. On the right under FILTERS, click on LOCATION and enter your city. Once entered click UPDATE
  3. Once the results have loaded go to the top right hand corner and click MAP VIEW. You can adjust the map view by dragging and dropping the cursor anywhere on the map.
  4. Click the + or - buttons below to zoom in/out
  5. Click on the blue pulse to view the alumni in that area

*TIP: You can also use the various filters on the right side of the screen to narrow down your search by interests, expertise, career goals and more.

Find UH alumni in your industry

Search for UH alumni in your industry by using the FILTERS feature.

  1. Click the EXPLORE THE COMMUNITY tab
  2. On the right under FILTERS, click on INDUSTRY EXPERTISE
  3. Enter an industry in the blank field or check one or more industries in the drop down below. Once entered click UPDATE
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