Derick Fabian: Daring to do art

Although art was his lifelong love, Hawai‘i artist Derick Fabian bought the conventional wisdom that says, “If you major in art, you major in starvation.” He spent years searching for ways to combine his talent with something more sensible, but a conversation with a counselor at Kapi‘olani Community College helped him “cave in to his passion.”

“I don’t know if the money’s going to be there for me,” he said, “but at least I’ll be happy.”

Today the artist known as 7Sketches displays his work at exhibits, sells it directly to fans at conventions, and participates in community events like Pow Wow Hawai‘i, the Kaka‘ako mural festival.

“You need to stop being a chicken,” he wishes he could tell his younger self, “and just go for it.”

University of Hawai‘i Alumni