Chinese Culture Day

On February 20, students and visitors to the University of Hawai‘i Mānoa campus had the chance to experience different activities of Chinese Culture:

  • Try the martial art of Qigong 气功 氣功
  • Hands-on calligraphy 
  • Chinese zodiac: find your birth animal 
  • Make an ornamental Chinese knot 
  • Try paper cutting/paper craft 
  • Play character matching 
  • Learn about Chinese geography 
  • Play a measure words game 
  • Try Chinese yo-yo 
  • Listen to the Chinese spike fiddle (erhu 二胡) and lute (pipa 琵琶) 
  • Enjoy a Lion Dance 
  • Play “Are you smarter than a Chinese 5th grader?” 
  • Watch Chinese martial arts (wushu 武术 武術) 
  • Watch a narcissus-bulb carving demonstration 
  • Get your hair done Chinese style 
  • Fold a Chinese paper firecracker
  • Learn about Chinese New Year
University of Hawai‘i Alumni