The Chancellor’s Alumni Thought Leaders Spotlight

Mark Bittman, former New York Times food columnist and author of cookbooks including Leafy Greens, How to Cook Everything, and The Minimalist Cook’s Dinner, spoke to more than 350 alumni, students, faculty and friends of UH Mānoa on February 18. Bittman outlined his thoughts on food ranging from ending subsidies to processed food and ethanol, encouraging and subsidizing home cooking, mandating truth in labeling and radically improving and expanding the school lunch program.  

University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Chancellor Robert Bley-Vroman also held a reception for Bittman on February 19 at College Hill with attendees from the health, food, farming, not for profit, education and state government sectors who continued the conversation about food in Hawai‘i.

Mark Bittman's Lecture

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