Board of Regents honors 14 UH faculty members

Top row, from left, Tommylynn Benavente, Dean Crowell, Lisette Marie Flanary, Michael Furuto; second row, from left, David Gordon Garmire, Mazen Hamad, Thomas K. Hussey, Robert D. Joseph; third row, from left, Ann Y. Kennedy, Davin Kubota, Mari Matsuda, Jessica Nishikawa and bottom row, from left, Maile M. Taualii and Lance Uyeda

University faculty members Tommylynn Benavente, Dean Crowell, Lisette Marie Flanary, Michael Furuto, David Gordon Garmire, Mazen Hamad, Thomas K. Hussey, Robert D. Joseph, Ann Y. Kennedy, Davin Kubota, Mari Matsuda, Jessica Nishikawa, Maile M. Taualii and Lance Uyeda were honored with the Board of Regents’ Medal for Excellence.

The award is a tribute to faculty members who exhibit an extraordinary level of subject level mastery and scholarship, teaching effectiveness, and creativity and personal values that benefit students.

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