Chef instructor wins international Global Taste of Korea competition

Grant Sato ('97), Kapiʻolani Community College culinary arts instructor, was named the international champion of the Global Taste of Korea competition held in Korea, August 20–28, 2015. His first prize award was $10,000.

The competition included preliminary competitions, culinary lessons, cultural exchanges and twice daily interviews.

Sato competed against 16 chefs representing 15 countries in the Global Taste of Korea semi-finals on Wednesday, August 26 at the Creative Culinary Institute of a Korea on the campus of Jeonju University. The chefs were given 90 minutes to prepare two presentation plates of their interpretation of the iconic Korean beef dish, bulgogi.

Sato moved on to the finals where he competed against chefs from Malaysia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan and France.

The chefs prepared an eight course royal palace dinner, which focused on soy bean sprouts, chicken and vegetables. Each contestant had two hours to create their menu and present it to the judges.

Sato’s winning menu included:

Takjjim (stewed chicken with vegetables)
Segogi miguk (daikon and beef soup)
Gong namul (marinated soy bean sprouts)
Gaji namul (seasoned eggplant)
Pajeon (green onion pancake)
Oisobagi (fresh stuffed cucumber kim chee)
Naegguk (marinated seaweed in broth)
Pab (rice)

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