UH Hilo Love: Staying together

We first met during lab class. I was late and Paul invited me to join his group at his lab table. Paul and I were friends first and shared a lot of common interests (sports, outdoor activities, and of course pharmacy). We were not sure about our future until fourth-year pharmacy school rotations. We were deciding where we would complete our rotations (which meant traveling for us both). We came to the decision that we would travel but remain a couple. It was a point in our lives where we would have either gone our separate ways or committed to a future together. We chose the latter.

We graduated with the inaugural class in 2011 and got married August 18, 2012. We have three loving little girls, Maya Elizabeth Narciso (5), Olivia Ann Narciso (4) and Sophie Narciso (big black dog 3). With hard work and a little bit of luck, we were both given the opportunity to work for Wilcox Medical Center on Kauai, and trying to make difference on this lovely island.

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