UH Hilo Love: Growing together after college

I reminisce about cool Hilo evenings Irene and I spent studying together at the Prince Kuhio Starbucks.  Also, memories flow back to some of the wonderful times we had in Kona with our friends, in between exams.  

We are a little older now, a little more wrinkled, a little further into our career and welcomed a little baby girl Olivia into our lives about a year ago.  After enjoying our time in the San Francisco Bay area we relocated to San Diego in pursuit of new ambitions as a pharmacist with the help of a classmate.  In either of those cities we have met new faces who were proud alums of the college of pharmacy and we are so happy that we were able to connect through shared experiences and joys.  We are delighted to see the school blossom as we grow as well.

The cliche holds true: time does fly and no matter how fleeting it is, through friends and through memories, Hilo and the Daniel K. Inouye College of Pharmacy will always be a part of us.

Lawrence Chan and Irene Chaisri, Class of 2012

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