UHAA/EWCA–Florida Chapter

Among the first joint alumni chapters combining alumni from both UH and East-West Center, UHAA/EWCA–Florida was set up by Gordon Ring, now retired from EWC, while he worked for Florida Tech. During the early 2000s the Chapter held periodic business meetings, sometimes within the context of either academic workshops (i.e., EWC ASDP symposia with guest speakers like UH Professor Roger T. Ames) or social events, with members attending these functions from far-flung parts of the state of Florida. The last event was an August 30, 2008 reception before the UH–UF football game in Gainesville, coordinated by Jane Lei Inouye and David Hickey. On behalf of the present and former organizers, WELCOME! Help us to re-charge the Chapter with fresh perspectives and leadership.

Chapter Mission

Primarily social and occasional educational: enable UH and EWC alumni who live in Florida to meet, enjoy each other’s company, share and perhaps learn.

University of Hawai‘i Alumni