Financing a Chapter

Establishing a chapter account with the University of Hawaiʻi Foundation
To establish an account with UHF, your chapter leader must complete the Request for Establishment of Account form. The chapter must designate two account signatories who are authorized to approve the chapterʼs expenditures. Upon change of account signatory, the current authorized account administrator must submit a letter to the fiscal department of UHF, designating his/her replacement.

Establishing an account at UHF will enable UHAA to deposit your chapterʼs payouts directly into your account. Chapters will need to provide an annual finance report and calendar of activities for its members and UHFAR due on the last day of June each year. View a sample chapter financial report (PDF).

Chapter payouts
UHAA provides 30% of the annual membership dues collected to your chapter to use for programming and communication. There will be a one-time payout for life memberships as follows: $100 for single life memberships, $135 for joint life memberships, and $25 for Golden Scholar life memberships.

While each chapter receives a portion of its membersʼ dues, it must be self-supporting and maintain its own treasury. Revenues can be generated by assessing fees to cover the cost of a function and/or by holding fundraising events.

The treasurer should keep accurate records since these may be subject to an audit by UHAA and UHF.

Fundraising and scholarships
Fundraising can be a fun and useful way to make your membership dynamic. It is recommended that fundraising be done through the University of Hawaiʻi Foundation, which will provide support and guidance.

Scholarships offered by chapters must support the University of Hawaiʻi and must not be intended for attendance at other educational institutions.

University of Hawai‘i Alumni