UHAA–East Chapter

The UHAA–East Alumni Association was formed in 1989 by a small group of east coast alums who pledged to honor, support and promote their University of Hawai‘i roots from their unique location. The tristate area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut) boasts over 1,200 UH graduates and UHAA–East strives to create fellowship bonds while fostering a loyal relationship to UH and its Hawaiian heritage. With many graduates relocating to the east coast for employment and living opportunities, it is important to have this organization to welcome, nourish and mentor old and new arrivals while communicating information and updates from the university. We welcome and encourage all UH alum in our area to join us in our endeavors.

Chapter Mission

  • Support the University of Hawai‘i and its programs - personally and financially
  • Foster loyalty to the university through fellowship activities and special events
  • Develop an effective line of long distance communication between the university and its east coast alums
  • Encourage and empower local candidates to research, apply and attend the university
  • Welcome and mentor new graduates who relocate to the tristate area
  • Serve as a resource and guide to visiting professionals and educators from the university
  • Promote Hawaiian culture and the spirit of “aloha” through our activities and coordinate programs with other local Hawaiian organizations

Board of Directors

  • Co-President - Karen C. Liu
  • Co-President - Justin Takao
  • Vice President - Danielle Simon
  • Secretary - Howard Yun
  • Treasurer - Emi Iwaida
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