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Engineering Alumni Association

The Engineering Alumni Association of the University of Hawaii (EAAUH) was established in 1983. EAAUH is the third (3rd) largest of UHAA’s member chapters with over 400 members, including graduates of the College of Engineering, former UH students, and friends of the College and UH.

The goals of the Engineering Alumni Association are to:

  • Promote and foster a better understanding and relationship between the UH engineering faculty and students with the practicing engineering alumni;
  • Promote fellowship among the UH engineering alumni through professional and social functions; and
  • Provide professional support to the College of Engineering by sponsoring and assisting the College’s educational and research and development programs.

To achieve these goals the association holds several events throughout the year, with the annual golf tournament and the annual “Holmes”coming celebration being the biggest attractions.

2019–2020 Officers and Directors:

Rodney S. Chong , P.E., (BSEE 1990)
Vice President, Energy Delivery, Hawaiian Electric Company

Vice President
John H. Katahira, P.E., (BSCE 1993, MSCE 1995)
Principal, The Limtiaco Consulting Group

Stancher Mabellos, P.E., (BSCE 2002)
Project Manager, Park Engineering

Ken C. Kawahara, P.E. (BSCE 1992)
President, Akinaka & Associates, Ltd

Past President
Dennis I. Toba , P.E., (BSEE 1991)
Vice President, Ronald N.S. Ho & Associates, Inc.


  • Anthony J. Paresa, P.E., (BSCE 1984)
  • Neal N. Miyake, (BSEE 1987)
  • Stephen N. Cayetano (BSCE 1982)
  • Ken K. Hayashida, P.E., (BSCE 1983)
  • Ken C. Kawahara, P.E., (BSCE 1992)
  • Diane Y. Kodama, P.E., (BSCE 1991)
  • Mike Y. Magaoay, (BSEE 1976)
  • Derek K. Mukai, P.E., (BSME 1989)
  • Martin A. Nakasone, P.E., (BSCE 1990)
  • Dayna E. Nemoto-Shima, P.E., (BSCE 2004, MSCE 2008)
  • Ross S. Okuda, P.E., (BSME 1992)
  • Landon Sakai, (BSCE 2014)
  • Wayne A. Shiroma, PhD, (BSEE 1986)
  • Jonathan M. Suzuki, P.E., (BSCE 1975)
  • Keith S. Uemura, P.E., (BSCE 1985)
  • Edward I. Yoshimura, P.E., (BSCE 1975)
  • Kyle Y. Yukumoto, P.E., (BSCE 1993)

Student Director
Jianna Orias, 2019-2020 ECUH President

Assistant Specialist, CoE
Carrie Matsuzaki

Media Specialist
Justin Scott



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