College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources Alumni Association

The College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources Alumni Association (CTAHRAA) was established in 1989 for graduates, former students, faculty, staff, and friends of University of Hawaii College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources known as CTAHR. This college was the original land grant college. CTAHRAA is a volunteer association committed to supporting the CTAHR and linking to the larger community through the CTAHRAA network domestic and internationally. We promote college pride and support the fund raising efforts to provide student scholarships, recognize student scholars, award outstanding community volunteers supporting the college, and honor high school students with scholarly science projects in agriculture. CTAHRAA board serves on the CTAHR deans advisory committee representing the alumni’s perspective and voice.

Chapter Mission

We provides a channel of communication between the University of Hawai`i College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, its alumni and its friends to further social professional and educational activities among those sharing a common interest in the College.

Interested in joining the CTAHRAA Board:

CTAHRAA has vacancies on the Board of Directors each September. We invite CTAHR faculty and staff to nominate former students and retired professionals to serve for a three-year term. Please contact the president elect (link to board list). Faculty involvement in the CTAHRAA board nomination process is important to ensure each department is represented. CTAHRAA fully supports the mission of the college, provides feedback to the dean advisory board, bridges the gap between academic programs and the world of employment. We need competent, capable, and committed graduates to make up the board. All alumni nominees are welcome. We have found that alumni who have work experience in their field are especially valuable board members. These alumni have first hand knowledge of how their CTAHR experience provides them with a knowledge and experience base in their profession. With this awareness, these alumni know the value of CTAHR faculty, staff and programs and can serve as a valuable human linkage between the college faculty/staff and the industries and professions that CTAHR serves. A list of current board member is in the news section.

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