Chapter Leadership

Alumni Council
The Alumni Council comprises all UHAA chapter presidents, chancellors of each of the 10 UH System campuses, and other chapter leaders. The Alumni Council is a great resource for chapters, through which leaders can share ideas and best practices. The Alumni Council meets at the discretion of the UHAA President. At Alumni Council meetings, UHAA offers training to chapter leaders on a variety of topics including communication, membership recruitment and event planning.

Succession planning
Planning a smooth transition for new leadership is important to the success of your chapter. Here are some suggestions:


  1. For the board of directors, select experienced chapter members who are also prospective chapter leaders.
  2. Create a position such as a succession chair to be responsible for recruitment of potential new leaders from the group.
  3. Require chapter leaders to come up through the other offices. For example, the treasurer would become secretary, the secretary would become vice president, and the vice president would become president.
  4. These individuals should be people who seek to strengthen the organization and demonstrate a genuine commitment to the mission of UHAA.
  5. They should have a willingness to dedicate time, talent and resources to the organization. Their values should include optimism, humility, confidence, likeability and selflessness.
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