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San Francisco Bay Area Chapter - Midori Haus Tour

On November 10, a small group of University of Hawai‘i alumni gathered to see the end result of a 91-year-old bungalow’s transformation into Santa Cruz’s first Passive House, a model of energy efficiency. Chie Kawahara (AS ’87, BA ’89), a proud UH alum, and husband Kurt Hurley are the owners of this home, also known as the Midori Haus.

These Passive Homes use roughly 90% less energy than typical existing homes and 75% less energy than most new homes, according to the Passive House Institute. They are able to accomplish this through various means such as the use of internal heat sources, strategic shading, and ventilation. Energy reductions are achieved through a combination of energy efficiency, renewable resources, and earth-friendly choices.

Mahalo to Chie and Kurt who graciously allowed our small group of alums to tour their one-of-a-kind house!

Check out more on this incredible home.

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