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Starting a Chapter

Alumni chapters are formed as affiliate organizations of the University of Hawaiʻi Alumni Association. New chapters can be formed in geographic, academic, or special interest areas.

Prior to requesting official recognition, your group must do the following:

  • Convene an informal meeting with interested alumni to provide them the opportunity to decide the organizational structure of the chapter and the formulation of its bylaws;
  • Collect signatures of at least 25 UHAA members who intend to join your chapter upon official recognition.

Formulation of bylaws
To achieve recognition as an official organization of the UHAA, chapters must comply with UHAA bylaws. The University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents has delegated full authority to approve charters, constitutions and bylaws to the UH Foundation Office of Alumni Relations. The pertinent details of these documents are summarized below. View sample bylaws (Word).

Request for official recognition
Request for official recognition of the chapter must be sent to the Associate Vice President for Alumni Relations at the UH Foundation Office of Alumni Relations, 2440 Campus Road, Unit 307, Honolulu, HI 96822-2234. Your chapterʼs request must include the following documents:

  • A letter from the leader or ranking officer of the proposed chapter requesting UHAA recognition (sample in PDF);
  • A copy of the chapterʼs bylaws;
  • A list of the chapterʼs board of directors and officers; and
  • If the chapter proposes affiliation with a campus component or sponsoring unit, the chapter must also forward a letter from the dean, department head, chairperson, or recognized leader of the university component, who agrees to the affiliation and agrees to provide administrative support to the alumni chapter.

The chapterʼs bylaws are subject to review by the UHAA Board of Directors. Upon approval by a majority vote of the UHAA Board, the petitioning chapter shall be declared officially recognized by UHAA and shall receive all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities pertaining thereto, including the use of the University of Hawaiʻi in its name.

Alumni data
To garner support needed to start a chapter, the UH Foundation Office of Alumni Relations may be able to send communication to eligible alumni. E-mail data is not available to chapters. The UH Foundation Office of Alumni Relations may facilitate electronic communication on behalf of chapters.

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