Chapter Leadership

The strength of our university system depends on the participation and engagement of UH alumni. Each UHAA chapter is charged with the mission of increasing membership by fostering pride and providing a connection between the university and its alumni. Maintaining your chapterʼs active status is crucial to increasing goodwill toward the university – consistent, quality communication and events are essential to building relationships with UH alumni and friends.

Sample membership drives
Board/member challenge
Offer prizes or rewards to board members or members of your chapter who recruit the most new members during a finite period of time. Set a goal for your drive and update all participants.

Promote membership at events
Holding chapter events is a fun way to encourage alumni and friends to become members. Contact UHFAR for UHAA brochures, provide chapter information at your event, and be sure to promote membership to your guests.
  • Hold events at locations most highly accessible to alumni.
  • Plan types of events that appeal to the widest cross-section of alumni.
  • Partner with Hawaiʻi affinity organizations to conduct a membership drive.
Why join UHAA?
Membership in the UH Alumni Association makes our university system stronger by facilitating lifelong connections to UH for alumni. Universities that enjoy strong alumni support and engagement develop stronger academic reputations. An active dialogue between the academic world and the workforce lends itself to better preparing students for jobs in their fields.

Our UHAA membership dues support our alma mater in many ways. Here are a few:
  • Support student scholarships and program grants
  • Connect alumni through the UHAA Online ʻOhana
  • Recognize excellence through the Distinguished Alumni Awards
  • Honor our Golden Scholars
  • Support UHAA chapters
  • Support UH Athletics
  • Collect and disseminate information to alumni for UH
Help perpetuate the impact the University of Hawaiʻi has on our future by joining UHAA!
University of Hawai‘i Alumni