Chapter Review

UHAA-recognized chapters must be reviewed each year to reaffirm their commitment to the university and to extend their official UHAA-recognized status. UHFAR must hold a current copy of the chapterʼs bylaws.

To maintain UHAA recognition, an alumni chapter must do the following annually:

  • Sponsor and/or participate in a minimum of two events and programs each year,
  • Correspond with its members at least twice a year,
  • Maintain a chapter or club president in good standing, and
  • Provide an annual finance report and calendar of activities to its members and UHFAR due on the last day of June each year. At any time, UHFAR may request financial records of the chapter for audit purposes.

Failure to maintain these requirements may result in the chapter being declared inactive by the officers of the Board of Directors and suspension of chapter payouts until all requirements are met.

University of Hawai‘i Alumni