Promoting Your Chapter

To help advance your chapterʼs mission in strengthening our alumni community, the UHF Office of Alumni Relations can provide various support services.

Member information
Officially recognized chapters may have access to alumni information through the UHF Office of Alumni Relations. These records are available upon request, and must be used for the express purpose of advancing the goals of the alumni chapter. The records will not include email addresses. Processing for these requests will require up to 10 working days to fulfill. To submit a request for information, please complete the Alumni Data Request Form (Word) and return to the Office of Alumni Relations.

Membership packet
Each new member receives a welcome letter, membership card and an explanation of benefits.

Renewal reminders
One of the benefits of encouraging your chapterʼs members to join UHAA is that four membership renewal reminders will be sent – one month prior to expiration, during the month of expiration, and one month and two months after expiration.

Membership marketing
UHAA will undertake activities each year to seek new members and maintain existing members. This benefit will be extended to all recognized chapters and may include producing membership and promotional materials (brochures, logo items, etc.), and providing content for the UH Magazine and Alumnews. Chapters are encouraged to use UHAA membership marketing materials.

UH Magazine and Alumnews
The UH Magazine will be produced twice a year. The UHAA e-newsletter Alumnews will be sent on a quarterly basis.

Your chapter can highlight its upcoming and past events in both the UH Magazine and Alumnews by submitting articles and photos to the Office of Alumni Relations at Individual accomplishments can also be submitted for Class Notes by sending them to the same address. The production schedule will be sent to you at the start of each fiscal year.

Chapter Web pages at
The UHF Office of Alumni Relations office can help you to build and maintain your chapter web page. Chapter pages should be updated at regular intervals, and it is important to keep contact information current. Chapters can post upcoming events and initiatives to generate interest in joining. Chapters that want to maintain their own pages must use templates provided by UHAA. It is strongly recommended to keep content current and relevant.

Email broadcasts
Email broadcasts are an easy, effective and economical way for chapters to share event information and announcements with their members.

Each e-blast should communicate simple or essential information about an upcoming chapter activity, or in some cases, a series of future chapter events (i.e., an e-newsletter from the chapter). The message should be concise so chapter members feel compelled to read it, and it should link to the chapter's page on the UHAA web site for additional information about the activity or the chapter itself.

To send an e-blast, fill out the Email Broadcast Request Form (PDF) and submit it using the gray button on the form. Please call (808) 956-2586 with any questions.

Due to the volume of requests received, we ask for at least 10 full business days, upon receiving all documents and information, to process your request.

In accordance with our privacy policy, which is intended to protect the privacy and personal information of our alumni, and because we carefully manage email opt-outs, we do not release email addresses. Because of this, chapters should simply send their requests for email broadcasts to the UH Foundation Office of Alumni Relations, which sends the broadcasts out on behalf of the chapters. We are able to personalize the “from” name and email address, as well as reply-to address, on all e-blasts.

We are able to tailor email lists in several ways, including UHAA chapter membership, campus, college, major, degree, graduation year and geographic region (island, state, country, ZIP code, etc.).

Email messages promoting chapter activities can be sent to members and alumni affiliated with that chapter. For example, the Shidler College of Business Alumni Association can send messages to all Shidler alumni, just SCBAA members or further narrow the list to a geographic region (all Shidler alumni on Oʻahu). If there is a message that the chapter would like to have sent to a wider alumni audience, it can be included in UHAAʼs Alumnews.

To keep the number of emails we send reasonable and because UHFAR has limited staff resources, chapters will be allowed to send up to one free email per month. Chapter e-blasts cannot coincide with Alumnews e-blasts.

Chapter newsletters
The UHF Office of Alumni Relations can provide advice on publishing a newsletter. Select someone from your chapter who may enjoy writing for this task. An e-mail newsletter can be a quick and inexpensive way to communicate with your members, but should not be sent more than once per month.

Radio, television and other media
Mass media can be expensive. If you need to reach a mass audience, the UHF Alumni Relations Office, as well as other chapters, may be able to offer assistance. View a news release template (Word).

Phone tree
Set up a phone network with other members. Disperse the responsibility by asking several members to call three other members each.

Word of mouth
Remember the most effective communication is face to face, so remember to use your events to inform your members about the chapter and its plans. This can also be a good time to recruit new members and chapter leaders.

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