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Visit the Mānoa Writing Program’s “Community”

The UH Alumni Association and UH Mānoa Writing Program have collaborated to feature past UHAA Distinguished Alumni Award honorees and their views on the value of writing as it applies to their current lives. The objective is to enable current students to see how important writing is to the most distinguished UH alumni after graduation. 2012 honorees Robbie Alm and Patrick DeLeon are currently featured on the Mānoa Writing Program’s “Distinguished Alumni on Writing” page at: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/mwp/community/distinguished-alumni-writing.
The Program oversees the designation of certain courses as writing-intensive (WI). Students are required to complete five WI courses in order to obtain an undergraduate diploma. This effort is responsive to both the UH System Strategic Plan and UH Mānoa Strategic Plan which call for enhanced campus–community connections. It also increases awareness of UHAA’s annual Distinguished Alumni Awards.


  Robbie Alm - 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award  
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    Patrick DeLeon - 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award     
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