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Match Made in Mānoa: Meet me at the disco

 Clifford Reynolds (BBA ’87, MBA ’98) and Tomoko Reynolds

I met my wife while I was a freshman at UH Mānoa in the Travel Industry Management (TIM) School. She was at UH in the Hawaiian English Language Program (HELP). I was a Connecticut Yankee in King Kamehameha’s court and my wife was a Japanese Princess. Okay, the Connecticut and Japan parts are at least correct. We technically did not meet at UH, but UH brought us together.

We first met at the Point After disco in Waikīkī in October 1983. I lived in an off campus dormitory—Shinshu Kyokai Dorm—and some of my friends in the dorm were classmates of Tomoko. My friends and I went to the disco and bumped into Tomoko and her other friends on the steps to the club and all hung out together. We then bumped into each other on campus a few times. I think she was stalking me.

We started officially dating in January 1984. I came back to my dorm from a hike with a group from the Newman Center. I was all muddy and dirty, but a friend told me as I walked in the dorm that Tomoko was up in a friend’s room and wanted to see me. Without getting changed or cleaned up, I went right to my friend’s room. My wife hardly talked at that time, but her friend invited me to go to the movies with her and Tomoko that evening. Of course I said yes! She also suggested having dinner before the movie and I agreed. Then she invited me to go to a concert at the end of February and I said that’s a little ways away. We will see. I did not end up going to the concert, but I did start dating my future wife.

She went back to Japan when her program finished and we continued dating long term. I visited her in Japan and she came to my home in Connecticut.

We got married a week after I graduated college on May 23, 1987. We have been married over 31 years and have a handsome 17 year old son. We have a stronger relationship now than we have ever had. Life has had its challenges and its glorious moments. We have lived in Waikīkī, Nu‘uanu, Grapevine Texas and Tehachapi California and loved everywhere we lived and made many friends in these areas.

Together, we recently changed careers to the financial services industry and work together helping families and small businesses with life insurance, mutual funds, IRAs, and 401ks.

Did you meet the love of your life at UH Mānoa? Share a photo with the hashtag #MatchMadeInManoa!

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