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Match Made In Mānoa: love is in the airwaves

Jennifer Sano-Franchini (BA ‘05, MA ‘07) and Nick Sano-Franchini (MA ’06)

Nick and I met as DJs at KTUH in 2005. His show, The Range Life with dh Blake was on at a Midnight to 3 a.m. time slot, right before my training time from 3 to 6 a.m.

I was always rushing in late with my 7-11 coffee, and poor tired Nick (who often seemed to wear yellow t-shirts) would put on a long song, probably curse me a few times in his head, but was always completely patient and kind.

We were friends and started dating a couple of years later after we ran into each other in downtown Chinatown on New Year's Eve in 2007 (turning into 2008). That year, I was already planning to move to East Lansing, Michigan, to start a Ph.D. program in rhetoric and writing, so we saw our budding romance as short-lived. But I suppose we quite liked each other because we kept a long distance thing going (really, it was tough and off and on), before Nick moved to Michigan in 2010.

After a lot of questions of “You came from Hawai‘i? What on earth are you doing here?” we got married at Ko Olina in May 2010. Two years later, (while I was supposed to be writing my dissertation) we got ourselves an amazing kid. We are now living with our 6-year-old and dog in Blacksburg, Virginia.

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