Shidler and WSRSL: Will Weinstein Ethics Conversation Series- Ethics in Politics

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School of Architecture Auditorium, Room 205: Honolulu, HI (map)


Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 6:00pm - 7:30pm


Corruption is rife in today's political climate from Citizens United to the Koch Brothers and other corporation backed lobbyists. The average cost of running a campain excludes most everyday people from running meanwhile the "salary" of an elected official is really small - most town council members, state senators, even Congressman can't afford to commit the time necessary because it won't pay the bills - meaning that only folks with certain types of careers can run (layers, businessman, wealthy). Is the political system rigged against only those who can afford to play the game - run a campaign, survive on political salary which in most cases are very low? Meanwhile, how do we prevent big business from influencing our representatives on important decisions? Should terms limit or caps on political spending be imposed? These and other issues will be taken up on this promising panel.


Brian Schatz — U.S. Senator for Hawai‘i

Les Ihara – Senator, Hawaii State Legislature

Melissa Pavlicek – Attorney, President and Co-founder, Hawaii Public Policy Advocates

Tulsi Gabbard — U.S. Representative for Hawai‘i; Former Vice-Chair, Democratic National Committee

RSVP online here. Free Admission 

$6 parking after 4 p.m. on campus

University of Hawai‘i Alumni