Alumni artwork featured in Art in Public Places Collection

For more than fifty years, the Art in Public Places Collection of the Hawaiʻi State Foundation on Culture and the Arts has been recognized as one of the most significant collections of contemporary art of Hawaiʻi. This exhibit invites guests to engage with a selection of recent additions to the collection from across the Hawaiian Islands.

Artists with work in the exhibit include several University of Hawaiʻi alumni and two faculty members.

  • Doug Britt (UH Maui College)
    • “Worry World” / mixed media / 2017
  • Bai Xin Chen, BFA ’17 (UH Mānoa); AA ’13 (Honolulu CC)
    • “Bottom of the Gravity Well” / cast bronze, wood / 2017
  • Kelly Ciurej, MFA ’17 (UH Mānoa)
    • “Triple Chocolate Fudge” / archival inkjet print / 2017
  • Daniel Harano, BFA ’10 (UH Mānoa)
  • Marques Marzan, BFA ’02 (UH Mānoa); ART 189 lecturer (UH Mānoa)
  • Nisha Pinjani, MFA ’18 (UH Mānoa)
  • Jonathan Swanz, MFA ’13 (UH Mānoa); part-time faculty (UH Mānoa)
  • Lori Uyehara, BFA ’80 (UH Mānoa)
    • “Air Gods” / mixed media wood, acrylic / 2017
    • “Floating on Night Air” / mixed media fiber and acrylic / 2017
  • Hana Yoshihata, BFA ’16 (UH Mānoa)
    • “Manaiakalani II” / seawater, acrylic pigments, sumi ink, charcoal, pastel / 2017

The thirty-one artworks acquired from eighteen exhibitions offer an insight into current trends and themes in the local arts scene and provides an opportunity to see the diversity of works being created in Hawaiʻi today. SFCA Executive Director Jonathan Johnson says “this exhibit is what’s going on in Hawaiʻi through the eyes of artists.”

All artworks are in the Art in Public Places Collection of the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts.

Photo captions (from left): Bai Xin Chen and “Bottom of the Gravity Well,” Lori Uyehara and “Floating on Night Air,” and Hana Yoshihata and “Manaiakalani II.”

Bai xin chen - bottom of the gravity well
Lori uyehara - floating on night air
Hana yoshihata - manaiakalani ii 02
University of Hawai‘i Alumni