Ānuenue Connection Program

Did you know that 30% of first-year students do not return to UH Mānoa at the end of each academic year? Students leave school for many reasons and some factors are outside of our control, however students who feel supported and connected to their university are often more likely to stay and complete their college education.

Here’s where you can come in.

We are looking for alumni volunteers who are willing to connect with an incoming UH Mānoa student through the Ānuenue Connection Program (formerly known as the Hānai Program). As an alumni volunteer, you would serve as a point of contact and informal support network.

The Ānuenue Connection Program is an opportunity to better engage and connect with our students, which is of critical importance during these challenging times.

To volunteer for the Ānuenue Connection Program, please complete our short online form. To request more information about the program, please email contact@uhalumni.org.

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