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Alumni business directory

Support UH alumni-owned small businesses!

The goal of the University of Hawai‘i Alumni Business Directory is to showcase the wide variety of amazing products and services UH alumni have to offer. If you are a small business owner and would like to be listed in our Alumni Business Directory, please fill out our short online form.

Disclaimer: Products and/or services of the vendors listed in the UH alumni Business Directory does not constitute an endorsement, guarantee or approval by the University of Hawai‘i.

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  • Arizona

    HPS Law Group LLC

    A startup and intellectual property law firm.
    Alumnus: Brint Hiatt (JD ’12, MBA ’12, Mānoa)
    Location: Mesa, Arizona
    Website: www.hpslawgroup.com
    Instagram: @hpslawgroup

  • California

    Aura Seating

    Design manufacturer of ergonomic, yoga-based office seating such as chairs, lounge products, and height adjustable tables.
    Alumnus: Sanjay Murty (MS ’90, Mānoa)
    Location: Torrance, California
    Website: www.auraseating.com

    digital OutPost

    Video-based training for law enforcement.
    Alumnus: Terry Barnum (BA ’86, Mānoa)
    Location: Carlsbad, California
    Website: www.dop.com

    Hilary Hartling HQ

    Helping entrepreneurs and small business owners develop a clear, cohesive and compelling brand that resonates with their audience and attracts ideal clients.
    Alumna: Hilary Hartling (BBA ’96, Mānoa)
    Location: San Clemente, California
    Website: hilaryhartling.com
    Instagram: @hilaryhartling

    The Law Office of Shannon R. Loeser APC

    Boutique family law firm servicing the needs of Orange County communities.
    Alumna: Shannon Loeser (BA ’97, Mānoa)
    Location: Laguna Niguel, California
    Website: loeserlaw.com

    SpeechRighter, Inc

    Pediatric speech and occupational therapy.
    Alumna: Cristienne Colip (MS ’94, Mānoa)
    Location: Capitola, California
    Website: www.speechrighter.com

  • Illinois

    Situated Research

    Usability research and user-experience (UX) testing of software, websites, games and user interfaces.
    Alumnus: Matthew Sharritt (PhD ’08, MS ’03, Mānoa)
    Location: Naperville, Illinois
    Website: www.situatedresearch.com
    Facebook: fb.com/situatedresearch

  • Massachusetts

    Beantown Bedding

    Beantown’s Laundry-Free Linens are eco-disposable, making it easy to have clean sheets any time and anywhere. Convenient, comfortable and compostable.
    Alumna: Kirsten Lambert (BBA ’87, Mānoa)
    Location: Boston, Massachusetts
    Website: www.beantownbedding.com
    Instagram: @beantownbedding
    Facebook: fb.com/beantownbedding
    Twitter: @beantownbedding

  • Oregon

    Cultural Blends

    A clothing company that offers in-house designed products, as well as operating a retail/consignment shop.
    Alumnus: Troy Douglass (BA ’12, Hilo)
    Location: Portland, Oregon
    Website: www.culturalblends.net
    Instagram: @culturalblends and @culturalblends_store
    Twitter: @cultural_blends
    Facebook: fb.com/Culturalblends

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